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Genealogical Research Services

Whether you want to discover when a particular ancestor arrived in America, find evidence that your great-great-grandfather served in the Civil War, or identify your maternal great-grandmother, Kate can assist you with your genealogical research pursuits. Kate will work with you to formulate a research plan and research question(s) to accomplish your goals. Projects typically are completed by addressing one or two research questions at a time, the findings of which are outlined in a comprehensive research report. Projects are billed hourly, and outside expenses (i.e., repository fees, travel, parking, etc.) are billed to the Client. Most projects require 15 to 25 hours of research and writing time. Please click here to schedule your consultation.


Are you new to genealogy? Are you overwhelmed looking at websites like and Or do you need help breaking down a brick wall? Either way, Kate can help guide you in your genealogical endeavors with one-on-one research consultations.

Document Retrieval

Live in California but desperately want a record from the Pennsylvania State Archives? Kate will travel to repositories in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, to obtain copies of the records you need.

Dual Citizenship

Do you believe you might qualify for citizenship by descent in one of your ancestral homelands? Kate can help determine whether you are eligible based on her knowledge of immigration records. She can also help obtain the documentation necessary for your application in the United States.

Family History Books

Do you want a unique and sentimental gift for a loved one? Or have you been doing family history research for years and want help designing a way to commemorate it? Kate can help create and design a family history book that will be treasured for years.

Family History Research

Do you want to know more about your family but don't know where to start? Have you been doing genealogical research for a while but need help breaking down a brick wall? Do you want to know more detailed information about an ancestor’s life? Kate can help evaluate what can be done to address these research problems.