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Kate is a dynamic lecturer who can explain complicated topics in a clear and concise manner. Kate would be glad to speak at your next society meeting or conference. Please contact her to initiate this process.

Available Lectures

Applying Investigative Skills from the Financial Crime World to Genealogy

Kate started her career as an investigator fighting financial crime. Learn how to apply the skill set she developed investigating fraud, money laundering and high-net worth individuals to your genealogical research pursuits.

Beyond the Basics: Effectively Using

Whether you're a newbie or you consider yourself an old pro, there is always more to learn on Make sure that you're using the best research practices possible while using the site. Learn how to efficiently gather as much information as possible about your ancestors and prevent yourself from climbing up the wrong branch of your family tree.

England and Wales Vital Records Research 101

Did you know that you can access many UK Vital Records (plus Wills and Probate) without crossing the pond? Learn the history of these records and how to order and receive them from the comfort of your home.

Follow the Records and See Where They Go

Get into the habit of "following the records." Often if you find one record, it leaves a trail to something else. Learn about some common examples of how following clues in records sets can lead you to a treasure trove of more information.

It's Not Just about Your Ancestors! Preserving Your Family History

Preserving your family history starts with you! What's the point of calling yourself a family historian, if you don't make it easy for future generations to know about your life? Gain some ideas on how to organize your personal archive beyond the family treasures of your ancestors.

Lessons Learned: A Cautionary Tale of Common Genealogical Mistakes

As a beginner, Kate climbed up the wrong branch of her family tree. Learn techniques (with antidotes) to avoid the error of her (old) ways.

Stop the Presses! Incorporating Newspaper Records into your Research

Newspaper records are not just useful for identifying the obituaries of your ancestors. Learn about an additional level of information that might exist as well as where and how to find it.

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Genealogical Search Net

Are you utilizing search techniques to their potential? Do you know what "Boolean" means? Learn how to optimize your searches to find new genealogical treasures.

Tracking Your Ancestors Through Time: Utilizing Timelines to Enhance Your Research

Do you need a new research tool in your wheelhouse to help with a research question and/or give you a better understanding of your ancestor(s)? Learn how a timeline can give you a greater understanding of your ancestor's life and their relationships.

Then and Now: Utilizing Historic Maps to Understand Your Pittsburgh Ancestors

Do you have Pittsburghers in your family tree? Confused when you "Google" their address from the 1900 Census and it can't be found? Learn how to use Pittsburgh historic maps to geolocate the addresses of your ancestors so that you can find the present site of their dwellings. Gain a greater understanding of their lives by learning how to peer into the landscape of the past.

Pittsburgh Genealogy 101: A Guide to Researching in the Steel City

Have you dabbled in genealogical research for your Pittsburgh ancestors? Do you think there might be more records out there, but you don't know where or how to find them? Learn what is available both online and offline. We aren't just talking about birth, marriage and death records (although we'll cover those too!). Find out how you can also access more atypical genealogical records (i.e. criminal records, coroner's files, divorce records, etc.) for your Pittsburgh based ancestors.

Super 8, 5mm and VHS - Oh My! Digitizing and Sharing Old Family Films

Do you have plastic storage boxes filled with film that needs to be digitized? Not everyone has the appropriate technology to view film as we did 20 years ago. How many of us still have working VCRs to view VHS tapes? In order for these memories to not be lost to time, decay, and technological advances, it is important to digitize now. Learn some of the best avenues and price points for digitization. Gain ideas on how to share these films with family and friends so they are not lost to time.